Take me to the Netherlands!

6:18 AM by Saša Tošić
Holland (The Netherlands) is known worldwide for its tulip fields, windmills, delicious cheeses, and the largest number of bicycles per person. It’s a country of open and friendly people, fairy-tale houses, ancient castles and stunning landscapes. It is a country of free people, where everyone can find what he or she needs.
No one can stay indifferent to a noisy and playful Amsterdam with its magnificent museums, canals, coffee shops, and the red-light district. Walk around a friendly and quiet Rotterdam or a green Eindhoven, visit the village of windmills and the charming old town of Delft. Go to the Royal Tulip park in Lisse, wander around the Binnenhof castle in the centre of the Hague, and enjoy the sunset on a picturesque Scheveningen’s shore.


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