Travel Expectations Vs Reality

6:05 AM by Saša Tošić

Visiting The Great Wall Of China



Walking Around Santorini Island, Greece


Visiting Pyramids Of Giza In Cairo, Egypt


Watching The Stonehenge During Sunset, United Kingdom


Climbing Mount Everest, Nepal


Sunbathing In The Famous Beach Of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Walking In Sheep Meadow, In New York’s Central Park, United States


Having A Picnic Near The Eiffel Tower In Paris, France



Relaxing On The Gorgeous Beaches Of Maldives


Checking Out The Breathtaking Glory Of The Taj Mahal, India


Enjoying Your Private Moments On The Beaches Of Thailand


Admiring Mona Lisa In Louvre Museum, Paris, France



Taking Photos With Leaning Tower Of Pisa In Italy


Taking A Peaceful Gondola Ride In Venice, Italy


Visiting Hall Of Mirrors In The Palace Of Versailles, France


Enjoying James Bond Island In Thailand


Admiring Little Mermaid In Copenhagen, Denmark


Enjoying St. Peter’s Square Before Entering The Beautiful Basilica In Vatican City


Having Family Fun Time At The Water Park


Tasting Thailand’s Exotic Food In Bangkok, Thailand




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