20 brilliant ideas to breathe new life into old things

10:14 AM by Saša Tošić
Over the course of time, most of your favorite things at home become somewhat ’obsolete,’ worn out or simply unfashionable. This heaping pile of junk can sometimes drive you up the wall; however, pause for a moment, and don’t rush to get rid of everything immediately! You’ll be surprised to find out that it’s possible to breathe new life into most of your old things.

Kitchen lighting made from a wine barrel.


Colorful purses and small handbags can make a stunning ‘hanging garden’.


An epic sofa made from an oil barrel.


A cable spool is a great idea for making an awesome coffee table.


Old dishes and baskets can be easily transformed into original flower pots.


Colorful and lovely bucket stools.


Old drinking glasses are amazing decorative candle holders.


A gorgeous desk from a repurposed old piano.


A ladder drying rack for the laundry room.


Beautiful street lights made from ordinary glass jars.


An old tennis racket can be used as a mirror frame.


A chair seat with old leather belts woven and tacked underneath.


A vintage fan is perfect for making an original lamp.


A stylish clock from a bicycle wheel, for those who appreciate minimalism.



Amazing guitar case shelves, on which you can show off your stuff.


Seats made from old tires. They will look stunning in your summer home!


A beautiful, rustic wood pallet coffee table.



You can make this wonderful playhouse from recycled doors in a couple of hours.



A high bar stool can be used as a step-ladder; simply turn it upside down and add steps.



A comfortable sofa made from an old bathtub.




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