23 wonderful ways to decorate your home with flowers

1:45 AM by Saša Tošić
Live flowers or houseplants are always good, they add color to your surroundings. Bad weather is far less appalling if there is something in your home that blooms and gives off a sweet fragrance.
There are, of course, ordinary floral compositions, but you can do these in more interesting ways. Try assuming the role of a florist and catch some inspiration!

Decoration made of shells and pebbles


An original vase made of rubber boots


A new life for an old watering pot


Miniature vases made of eggshells


Flowers instead of soup


A collection of vases made from old bottles


A flower shelf made out of a wooden box


A cute flower basket


A sweet handmade vase


A bouquet’s second life


A nice vase made out of a tin can


A vase for DIY lovers


Flowers in a teacup


A table composition


Another good use for empty bottles



Tree twigs in bloom



Vases of just about anything


Alchemist style



White flowers in a white vase


Glass vase decoration

Colorful painted water



A soft decoration for your bedroom



Flowerbed in a cage




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