A hotel in Costa Rica that you absolutely must see

3:47 AM by Saša Tošić
Costa Rica is a small country in South America, two thirds of which is covered in rainforests. There is wildlife here that dwells nowhere else in the world, and the nature is so beautiful that you’ll want to leave the noisy city behind and stay in these lands forever.
That’s exactly what Erica and Matt Hogan did, and now, in the very heart of a rainforest, there is a whole tree settlement that you should see at all costs. It is called Finca Bellavista.

The settlement is made from real treehouses.
The balconies give a view over the forest and mountains.

Erica and Matt bought 600 acres of woodland that was supposed to be cut down. They not only managed to save the forest, but made it accessible for everyone. They never cut down any trees or tear out any plants, and all the treehouses are built so as not to damage the trees.

Each house has its own spacious bedroom comfortably furnished with eco-friendly materials. There is also an insect screen above each bed — an indispensable thing in the rainforest.

A standard living room. An old chest plays the role of a table.

Going from house to house is done via a suspension bridge.

There’s also a hanging park to climb and ride with the wind.

Several families live here permanently. In the photo you can see the commons — the dining hall, baths, and fire rings. This is the only place where they have electricity.

The dwellers grow fruit and vegetables themselves, and guest houses also have little gardens where guests can take care of the plants.
A little lake you can jump into from a cliff.

Local ’pigeons.’

Sometimes monkeys come for a treat. And you’d better share!


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