Jellyfish Tank: Unusual House Decorations

7:54 AM by Saša Tošić
Fish tanks are very popular. Many people find it soothing to watch fish go round and round in circles. Will jellyfish tanks prove to be as popular? A company called Cubic Aquarium System came up with three tank designs that give a home to jellyfish. The tank comes in three sizes, looking very modern and stylish like they came out from the latest sci-fi movie. In addition, the light inside the tanks changes color. How cool is that?
Have you ever thought that people could keep jellyfish as a house pet? And now that this is possible, would you want to get a tank like this yourself?

Do you think that jellyfish make a good house pet?


Cubic Aquarium System makes a hi-tech tank



It looks totally cool in a modern minimalist setting


Great company for a late nightshift


Unusually calming


Like a jellyfish washing machine


It is a top decoration even at dining


Can you notice it?


Instead of a movie


Looks good in the living room shelf, too


The large tank close to the sofa with a view to the balcony


Is this jellyfish tank in Brooklyn?




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