Palace for Kings and Sheikhs in Burj Al Arab Decorated in Gold

1:57 AM by Saša Tošić
That’s really what the Middle Eastern kings and sheikhs does not refuse, so it in luxury and gold. If the palace, the 20 bedrooms if the garage is 50 cars, if a room is 700 square meters. And be sure everything has to be in gold: go for gold, asleep on gold, take a shower in gold and gold.
On the other hand, noted a peculiarity of the yellow metal when it around a lot and you have the whole day to be among it, the gold becomes so commonplace that it’s just … stop noticing. What? The back of the chair on which I sit, covered with gold? Hmm, I did not notice! But just think, for interior decoration Burj Al Arab in 1965 square meters were used 24-karat gold leaf !!! Just crazy!
Of course, even in the most luxurious and expensive hotel in the Middle East, which even in normal room all in gold, the sheikh should be their apartment. Of course, for them it allocated a whole floor. Of course, a huge area of the room. Of course, the Royal Room – a palace in miniature!
If you are thinking to stay in this hotel, the Royal Room you absolutely do not need. Well, seriously, why should you pay 25 thousand dollars for a 2 floors, 700 squares and two huge bedrooms, if the most ordinary and the “cheapest” standard here … no worse than the royal rooms. I am quite serious!
The first time I meet a hotel where the standards are so close to the level of the most expensive rooms. So, in the royal Burj – it is rather the status of … 
The room has an area of over 700 square meters and is located on two floors. Ground floor – sofa, dining room, study and Mejlis (Meeting Room), the upper floor – bedroom for HIM and HER, as well as two large bathrooms. Also for HIM and HER.

Living room. As the hall in a small 5-zvedochnoy hotel. All furniture is handmade and, say, her sketches he claimed Sheikh emirate. From China, of course, there is nothing other than tourists, but those do not get here.

Gold TV. I wanted to say that I see for the first time, but … I’m in the room was the same. In the standard!

We need to say, carpets, tapestries, fabric ceiling and handmade pillows? I think it is clear and well. In all tables living rose, and in the air a subtle floral fragrance.

Dining room with huge heavy chairs. I figured it out, trying to push back the one to make the frame a little more interesting. The ceremony meal here obviously goes with the participation of a huge number of staff. By the way, prepare for the royal rooms in a separate kitchen in the restaurant at the bottom of the hotel. Ready meals are delivered on a special elevator, which serves only the royal suite.

Venetian glass.

The Cabinet of all the same colors of gold and only the usual aluminum iMac colors. Interestingly, the iPhone produced gold and aimags to sheikhs – are still there.

 Very cool vintage globe. The frame, of course, gold.

Bedroom for him. Here I had a small explosion of the brain. The fact that the royal bed is motorized and can be twisted, lying, as it pleases master. I wonder why? Please try to guess? The answer will surprise you, I’ll point it in the caption of a photo to her bed)

 A “default” position of the royal box.

 But the coolest in this room – a bathroom! Looks very cool and out of my chest involuntarily sees the exclamation “Wow!”. That is something that, as in the royal suite room is much cooler than in the standard …

 All plumbing, of course, gold.

 Marble bathroom to finish picking up very long and carefully.

WC, by the way, is not made of gold. But not the normal.

 And this is the female half. Be in the room at that moment Sheikh spouse ogreb I had the full program for the intrusion into the inner sanctum. In the meantime, no one can sit on couches, and peek into the bedroom …

 In the bedroom she is much easier than he had. However, I even like it more here. All is calm, that is … And the bed is not spinning. And indeed, why should she?) And do you know why he? For if you forgot to close the curtains and the sun shines brightly in the morning much room to turn the bed fit sideways, so that the light is not annoyed) Well, that, from the rich their quirks.

 She also looks easier than him. And here I also like.

 Dressing Table and more restrained than in the male half of the wash basin.

 And, of course, the golden shower. The walls, floor and ceiling are lined with gold mosaics of different colors and shades. It looks very cool and very rich …

The water flows from gold itself.

Even the golden plums.


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