The 21 Most Stunning Works of Street Art We’ve Seen Lately

2:37 PM by Saša Tošić
’For the city, and for the world’ - you might characterise a lot of street art as being underpinned by this idea. Often, the work of street artists is unambiguous, drawing attention to the social problems which afflict our society the world over. Sometimes they bring out the beauty of the urban landscape, recasting it into something wonderful. The wonder of street art is to be found in the fact that it always appears spontaneously, draws the attention of the local population and at the same time sends a message to the world.
We put together this collection to help you get acquainted with some of the very best street art which has appeared in 2015. You might one day see some of it when you’re walking the streets!

Paris, France

New York, USA

Barcelona, Spain

Stavanger, Norway

Las Palmitas, Mexico

Bali, Indonesia

Oz, France

Landskrona, Sweden


Horsens, Denmark


Berlin, Germany

Milan, Italy

Salerno, Italy

Lisbon, Portugal

Weston-super-Mare, Britain

Hong Kong, China

Karlsruhe, Germany

Kalamata, Greece

Barcelona, Spain



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