Top Haunted Hotels

5:34 AM by Saša Tošić
Reporters USA Today made a selection for fans of horror movies and have compiled a list of the Top Ten Haunted Hotels in Europe, most of whom are former prisons or medieval castles.

The list went Ruthin Castle in North Wales, built in the XIII century. There is a high quality spa facilities and luxurious rooms, the hotel even holds medieval banquets.

Here, according to the publication, you can meet the ghost of Lady Grey who, according to legend, was executed for the murder of her husband’s mistress.

The list of establishments and was built in 1865, The Langham London Hotel. It stopped the writers Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain, as well as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

In addition, the stories, the ghosts roam the hotel German prince that jump from the fourth floor window, a doctor who killed his wife on their honeymoon, and the Emperor Napoleon III, who spent his last days in exile in this hotel.

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Also lovers tickle your nerves can enjoy built in 1625 Balligalli Castle in Ireland (Ballygally Castle).

There is supposedly haunted Lady Isabella, who, according to some sources, jumped from the roof of the hotel, on the other – was dropped.

The hotel can even remove the special “ghost room”.

In search of ghosts, tourists can also go to the medieval castle of Castelluccio on the outskirts of Rome.

There are said to inhabit several ghosts, including the Emperor Nero, the local alchemist, who died from a lightning strike, and even horses that gallop night running around the building.


In the list of the best hotels with ghosts also included the former naval base – British fort Spitbank XIX century.

Spitbank Fort (Spitbank Fort) was built in the Victorian era to protect the UK from the French invasion, and now is used for peaceful purposes as a luxury hotel. It is located in the Solent, near Portsmouth, England. Rumor has it that the ghost of a soldier lives tazdes Henry.

Incidentally, in Fort Spitbank were shooting for the film in the James Bond film “007.Coordinates: Skayfoll “.

Next on the list – British Hotel Malmaison Oxford.

It is located in a former prison where people were hanged. So ghosts here – more than enough.

 Castle Leslie (Leslie Estate) in Ireland is known for the fact that it dwells the ghost of Norman Leslie, the uncle of the current owner of the castle. He was not just noticed by the guests of the castle and his family.

Leslie Castle is located on an area of ​​1,000 acres in a place called Glazlo in Monaghan County. This castle is home to the Leslie family for three hundred years ear. This castle, which was originally called Castle Glazlo, passed into the possession of the Leslie family in 1665.

This castle has long reputation sloilas castle with ghosts. Among otherworldly occupants of the castle, which from time to time meet here, basically come across the dead members of the Leslie clan. But the most famous ghost, of course, is Norman Leslie.

Scottish castle of the XVII century, which now houses the hotel Bunchrew House.

In the evening, Bunchrew House Hotel can be heard creaking and crackling – maybe it’s just the creaking floorboards and the embers in the fireplace, and maybe a local ghost of Isabel Ogilvie kind. The hosts fondly called her “old lady” and say that Isabel likes to sit at a table at a local restaurant, but for what it is – do not say.

Next in line searchers ghosts – Irish Hotel Shelbourne Dublin. It is popular with celebrities. Bill Clinton stayed here, Julia Roberts.

Here lives the ghost of Mary Masters (Mary Masters): the young girl died in the building and is still haunting its corridors.

The last in the list of best hotels with ghosts – castle hotel of the XV century Chateau de Marcay, which is located in the Loire Valley in France.

The castle Chateau de Marcay lives the ghost of a young woman in a white shroud. According to legend, during the life of the girl at night turned into a werewolf. A local farmer killed her, taking the wolf, and buried in secret from everyone in the castle.


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